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What are the protective devices for stereo garage?

The three-dimensional garage has the following security devices:

1. Warning device in operation (warning lamp, buzzer)

When the three-dimensional parking equipment is running, the warning lamp keeps flashing until the carriage board reaches the location to warn people and vehicles to pay attention to safety. When the emergency situation occurs, press the emergency button, and the buzzer will be activated until the condition is relieved.

2. Emergency Stop Button Device

This system is set in the operation box. It is red. When operating the parking equipment, if there is an emergency or someone is not allowed to enter the operation area, all the action can be stopped by pressing the emergency stop button.

3. PLC interlocking device

The PLC program sets the lifting and transverse positioning points interlocking to prevent overlap or collision between the lifting and transverse plates.

4. Preventing over-limit devices

The transverse guide terminal device prevents the baffle from damaging the equipment or vehicle due to the transverse overshoot.

5. Gear locator

Limit the parking position of the vehicle to avoid collision with the equipment when it rises, prevent the vehicle from sliding, and set the horizontal positioning stroke switch.

6. Double Up and Down Limit Switches

To prevent abnormal fatigue of the first limit switch after long-term use of stereo parking equipment, a second limit switch is added to avoid failure, which plays a dual protection role.

7. Limit Switch with Rising Endpoint

When the elevating platform rises, if the upper limit switch fails, the terminal limit switch set on the elevating positioning switch plays a role to ensure that the platform rises without the risk of travel.

8. Anti-intrusion photoelectric detection device

When a vehicle or a person intrudes into the equipment area in front of the stereo parking equipment in operation, the sound and light alarm of the equipment is activated, and all mechanical actions are stopped, and the safety of people and vehicles in and out is ensured.

9. Vehicle Over-Length Limiting Device

Set up ultra-long photoelectric detection device. When the vehicle entering the equipment exceeds the appropriate parking size, the equipment will automatically lock and alarm.

10. Underinverted phase protection device

The control circuit can automatically detect the phase deficiency and inverse of the power supply, and prohibit the motor from running, so as to ensure the safety of the whole equipment.